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Rockfizz Records creates custom vinyl records


The unique tonal quality of vinyl has rewarded both artists and producers for decades, and until now, it has been impossible for aspiring musicians to create their own bespoke vinyl records.
Røckfizz Records seeks to upset the trend of soulless digital formats, and give artists the opportunity to produce tangible vinyl records, to be played, loved and shared.

Røckfizz Records takes your digital audio files through a crafted process, and engineers them into an analogue masterpiece. Vinyl is a vitalising way to enjoy your music, and can be shared with family or friends, or equally be kept as an indulgent personal pleasure. Here at Røckfizz Records we urge you to keep creating great music; so let it resonate warmth, share it, and preserve it for generations to come!


Record custom vinyl with Rockfizz Records


At Røckfizz Records we like to think producing vinyl records has quirks not limitations. Multiple factors influence the ability to produce a fantastic sounding vinyl record, factors that were considered all the way back at the recording stage when record production was in full flow.
As a creator of vinyl, you'll want to ensure you achieve the best possible vinyl record from your digital file, so have a read below and prepare your music for vinyl!

Controlling bass is really simple. Anything under 2Ohz, get rid of it. The reason? Frequencies below 2Ohz resonate the tone arm on any vinyl player, and will result in a physical interruption to the playback. No sweat, 2Ohz is barely audible to humans and most speakers will have a low pass filter at 2Ohz anyway. Have no fear, even reducing the lower frequencies will still leave you with great sounding bass.
When accounting for trebles, it is difficult to predict the impact treble amplitude and frequency will have on the vinyl recording process. The main advice for artists or producers is; tracks with high frequencies at high amplitudes will have some inherent distortion. As a fix, reduce sibilance by applying a high pass filter, this will minimise the distortion to the lowest level possible.
Similar to trebles, high volume and wide stereo intensity lead directly to distortion through the playback torn arm. To ensure your audio is transformed into the best vinyl record possible, tighten the stereo intensity as much as possible (~4O%), and keep your maximum peaks at a maximum of +1Odb.

See below how to upload your music to Røckfizz Records so we can start creating your #customvinyl


Make custom vinyl with Rockfizz Records

Create custom vinyl records

  • Click Shop Now;
  • Select a 12" or 7" size vinyl record from the product page;
  • Add your Artist Name and Album/Single Title;
  • Upload your Album Cover Front using our integrated image editor;
  • Upload your Album Cover Back using our integrated image editor;
  • Add all your music tracks you want included on side A into a .zip file ensuring each track title is shown as the file name and upload to Side A Tracks (please review FAQ section below for details);
  • Add all your music tracks you want included on side B into a .zip file ensuring each track title is shown as the file name and upload to Side B Tracks (please review FAQ section below for details);
  • Adjust the QTY field to the desired number of vinyl required (quantity discounts are available);
  • When your uploads are complete, click Add to Cart and proceed to Checkout to pay securely through Worldpay;

To ensure all files are uploaded to your order correctly please follow the 8 steps on the order page. Please confirm during the checkout stage that the image files and compressed files have been uploaded successfully. If there are any doubts about your order or the material uploaded a member of our team will get in touch to confirm!

For 7" Vinyl the maximum number of minutes per side on each vinyl is 8, and for 12" Vinyl the maximum number of minutes per side on each vinyl is 18, whether that is one track or multiple. Please note that each side is uploaded separately and has a maximum file size of 1OOmb, if you require a larger upload please get in touch HERE
Literally ANY audio format can be used, just add it to the .zip file!
Feel free to include each individual track or an album track for each side. We're easy.
Please follow the 8 steps on the product pages Here for 12" and Here for 7"
Although it may be hard to believe there are NO additional costs over what you pay per vinyl record. Røckfizz Records includes ALL taxes and delivery costs in the unit price, so there are no unexpected costs!
The list of continents we ship to are listed below:
  • Europe
  • Asia
  • Australia
  • North America
  • South America
  • Antarctica
You will checkout securely through Worldpay. Our shop accepts VISA, MasterCard, Maestro and JCB - debit / credit cards - securely through our shopify platform!
If you wish to change your order, please contact us here as soon as possible!
Delivery & Customer Relations
A lot of blood, sweat and tears go into making your vinyl record so each order will have a different delivery time stipulated in the order confirmation email. However, the average lead time for orders is 2-3 weeks - regardless of unit quantity!
It may be possible to receive a refund in respect of any products you receive which are faulty. If you have received a faulty product, please contact as soon as possible using our contact details and clearly setting out what the problem is. In circumstances where there is a genuine fault with a product we will be happy to discuss refund and replacement options.